Steroids VS Supplements For Muscle Building

Body builders and athletes face the common dilemma, of whether to use steroids or other substances. Some reasons to use supplements include safety, meeting athletic organization standards, and achieving muscle mass in a healthier way. Knowing how the different substances affect the body can help men make the right choice, when it comes to bulking up and increasing muscle mass.

Both testosterone and HGH, or human growth hormone, are produced naturally in the body. Testosterone is responsible for male characteristics. HGH is responsible for building muscle mass and is produced by the pituitary gland. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid in its natural form. Some men are prescribed testosterone and HGH for problems related to libido and other health related issues. However, testosterone is a schedule III controlled substance. Both are only available through a pharmacist, with a prescription from a licensed physician.

The synthetic hormones used to treat medical conditions are not suitable to enhance muscle mass. However, many athletes and performers who face great physical demands are tempted to take the synthetic hormones. There are many reasons why this is not a good idea. First, according to the DEA, unauthorized use is illegal. Athletes who are tested and caught with the synthetic steroids in their system will face penalties. Usually they are robbed of their titles or winnings.
Synthetic steroids can have negative effects on the body, when used over an extended period of time. At first, they may appear to enhance muscle mass and can increase libido. However, over time, they can lead to sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction. With prolonged use, muscles can tend to look fluid-filled and will lose definition.

Supplements, testosterone pills can help build muscle. But, they must not be mistaken for synthetic steroids used by athletes or prescribed by physicians. The substances used in supplements generally consist of proteins that help build muscle. Most protein supplements for body building contain amino acids, which contribute to natural increases in testosterone and human growth hormone. The difference is that muscle mass can be gained naturally.

Supplements containing amino acids, are generally considered safe. They have few side effects, if taken as directed. D-aspartic acid is considered one of the top ingredients in any body building supplement. Since they are generally consumed as shakes or powders mixed with liquids, they are easily digested by most people who use them. Occasionally, they can cause some digestive disturbance, but this is usually mild.

Supplements are not controlled by the DEA, like anabolic steroids. They are usually manufactured with both active and inactive ingredients, to make them taste better to consumers. The best products will list each ingredient, even those only used for flavoring. Powders and shakes used to help build muscle are sold in health and wellness stores and over the counter, in retail drugstores. Those who want to build muscle can get recommendations for suitable products from friends or family. Doing some research before buying can be useful, to eliminate the products that don't meet personal needs. Steroids taken to enhance performance or build muscle are not legal. But, they are also not safe. Supplements can help achieve the desired effect, if used regularly, as directed.